Are you interested in activist training?

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Hundreds of thousands of trained activists are needed for the sustainability revolution to materialize.
ASEN activist education is far and away the best, most enjoyable training day I, Alan Roberts, have been to. Students from Brisbane and Sydney conduct the training. If you’re interested email your name to and when there’s enough people and trainers we’ll let you know.

The world needs skilled, strategic, creative & passionate activists and activist educators. Across Australia, people from the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN) are dedicating time and resources into ‘activist education’ through participatory skill-shares, ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops, creating activist training resources and a culture of …‘action, reflection, action…’ By equipping ourselves with the necessary skills, tools, knowledge and experiences we aim to support more effective projects, campaigns and social movements to emerge in Australia and globally.

There are different kinds of workshops for instance:

Engaging & Empowering people
Apply tools geared to engage one-on-one, get people thinking critically and developing their sense of individual agency and power as part of a collective/social movement

Campaign strategy
Vision, objectives, tactics, allies, resources…learn how to use strategy tools to create an effective campaign or project.

Building & maintaining an action group
Strategies for starting an action group, gaining momentum, building group capacity, trouble shooting and staying committed.

Meetings, forums, group discussion…you name it! Explore the art of facilitating in a range of contexts. Learn a range of decision-making tools and group maintenance tools.